• New VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula Hits Store Shelves at Walgreens and Harris Teeter
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New VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula Hits Store Shelves at Walgreens and Harris Teeter

New Natural Supplement Designed as a Resource for Millions of Americans that Struggle to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

TIMONIUM, MD — Natural Products Solutions’ new VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula, a once-daily natural supplement that promotes normal blood sugar levels, increases the body’s production of insulin and improves overall cardiovascular health is now available at Harris Teeter across the country and will be available at Walgreens stores nationwide starting August 7, 2015.

This new product was developed in response to the emerging global epidemic of diabetes that can be traced back to rapid increases in poor diet, obesity and physical inactivity, according to the World Health Organization. Diabetics and pre-diabetics suffer from blood sugar (glucose) levels that are consistently high. An estimated 1.5 million deaths each year are directly caused by diabetes. Diabetes also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, foot ulcers, infection and eventual need for limb amputation, as well as blindness and kidney failure.

“The natural supplement industry has put out very few products aimed at maintaining healthy blood sugar levels,” said Marty Gallant, President & CEO of Natural Product Solutions.  “Response thus far to our new VirMax product from both consumers and retail partners has been very strong. This supplement meets a crucial need for many Americans and we are excited to be offering it at both Harris Teeter and Walgreens.”  

According to Gallant, NPS’s goal with the new product was to provide a natural once-a-day supplement for consumers that contains a combination of ingredients which have been clinically tested to combat high blood sugar levels and the symptoms of diabetes.

VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula features natural elements including Vitamin D, Magnesium, Bitter Melon, Chromium, Goldenseal, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Turmeric, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Caffeic Acid. 

Lifestyle changes like adopting healthy diet, increasing physical activity, and using products like VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula can help keep blood sugar at normal levels and may help reduce the risk of adult-onset diabetes.

About Natural Product Solutions, LLC
Founded in 2006 by President and CEO, Marty Gallant, and Vice-President of Sales, Travis Pendergast, VirMax is a clinically tested line of natural supplements for men and women that are designed to enhance the sexual experience and to address prostate health as well as testosterone levels. VirMax products are based on a Nobel Prize-Winning discovery on the body's regulation of blood vessel dilation and flow. All VirMax products can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Meijer, the Defense Department Commissaries (DECA), Ahold, Harris Teeter and other major retailers and grocers nationwide. For more information on VirMax please visit www.VirMaxinfo.com, follow us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @VirMaxDS.

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